Exploring The “Secret” World Of Kinks And Fetishes That We Know You Desire

The concept of sex-making has traveled a long journey – from vanilla sex to kink, fetishism, and BDSM. But everyone has a hidden sexual desire they want to explore – whether it is talking dirty with your partner over the phone, watching “bad girls” on Freeones, or going ga-ga over your partner’s feet! 

Trust us, there is nothing to feel taboo to have kinks and fetishes. They are a natural part of any sex-positive human – and common too. So, if you are right now browsing the web for a list of kinks and fetishes to make “it” different, it is absolutely normal. 

Let’s check out some common kinks and fetishes that we know you desire. 


BDSM sex is widely popular today, especially for the “dominance” and “restrain” elements that it comes with. These kinks are highly erotic as one partner exerts dominance over the other in a mutually agreed-upon and satisfying manner. This type of sexual experience is your kind if you fantasize about letting your partner restrain and dominate you… or if you desire your partner to service and satisfy you.         

Age Play 

Though weird, age play is a relatively popular kink where you or your partner roleplay to be of a younger/older age than you actually are. The experiences may vary based on what you are comfortable with – from platonic love to simply erotic or BDSM-oriented. For instance, it is a specific type of kink if you want to call your partner “baby” on the bed… or she calls you “daddy.” Some couples also take this kink a level higher by dressing up like a baby or toddler. 

The CFNM Fetish 

CFNM stands for Clothed Female Naked Male and is a type of fetish that both men and women enjoy. Herein, a dominant, clothed woman objectifies a naked man and exerts her sexual power over him. It is a form of BDSM where the female partner loves to override the man who plays the role of being submissive.    

Erotic Electrostimulation 

Men or women who love to take sex to the level of pain desire the practice of erotic electrostimulation. People often use it as a form of foreplay and to arouse each other before getting into bed. It involves using various kinds of electrification sources to stimulate different parts of the body, especially the genitals. These include made-for-play units, violet wands, TENS, etc. However, the sexual act must be practiced with caution as it can be dangerous at times. 

Foot Fetish 

Foot fetish is also known as Podophilia, accounting for 50% of the world’s most common fetishes. This type of fetish involves objectifying a person’s foot based on its size, shape, sensory features, adornment, and even footwear. People with foot fetish get instantly turned on and derive sexual pleasure simply by seeing, kissing, or licking their partner’s feet. It aids in some sort of sexual gratification. 


Some people derive sexual pleasure from getting humiliated. They may want to be insulted, embarrassed, or harassed by their partner when having sex. This may be in the form of verbal or physical humiliation. Before you indulge in this type of sexual practice, have a complete understanding of what the other person desires or limits. There isn’t any one-size-fits-all situation for this kink. 


A threesome is one of the most common sexual fantasies that most men desire. Several forms of threesomes might intrigue you. Perhaps you love watching your partner fucking someone else. Or the idea of having your partner see you having sex with another person turns you on. It can be awesomely sexy watching two people fucking each other wildly and also knowing that you will join in! Threesomes also let you experiment with different types of roleplaying and kinks. 

DIY Porn 

Many men and women love filming themselves when having sex. This is also a type of kink that arouses them and helps them reach a great climax. However, before indulging in DIY porn, make sure the other person is comfortable getting filmed during sex or foreplay. 

Key Takeaways 

Kinks and fetishes are common sexual desires that people often shy away from exploring. According to relationship experts, many people engage in extramarital affairs because their partners do not help them explore their kinky side. They end up turning to dating sites or watching chicks on Freeones to satiate their desires. 

Exploring your (or your partner’s) kinks and fetishes ensures a healthy and enjoyable sexual experience, provided both of you are comfortable with it.    

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